I was born and raised in South Florida in the city of Coral Springs, which lacked both coral and springs. Everyone knew each other and you couldn’t step foot in a Publix sub line without seeing someone you knew. In elementary school I wanted to become a veterinarian. Little did I know that it would involve performing surgeries and the ever-present sight of blood. My dream of cuddling with dogs was shattered and like any absent-minded teenager, I moved on to the next aspiration. In middle school, my dreams changed with my wardrobe.

In high school, I wanted to become a journalist. I became involved in yearbook, took advanced writing courses, and explored photography. I received positive feedback from teachers and my perfect score on the writing portion of the SATs had to mean it was legit. Arriving at the University of Central Florida in the summer of 2009, I decided to major in Psychology. To this day, when asked what my bachelor’s degree is in, I always get a chuckle. Should I have majored in something else? Probably. Did I major in it because I'm an abstract thinker who loves to understand and help others? Precisely.

I'm currently trying to find my way in this world, but one thing is for certain; my love for fashion, beauty, and anything Disney will never change. I consider myself an avid pinner on pinterest, creative writer, and photography lover. Take the time to follow my blog and come along this journey with me!

25 RandomThings About Me:

1. I have never bought a piece of clothing online.
2. I’ve never eaten an oreo, pop tart, or lunchable.
3. I can play 4 instruments.
4. I’ve ridden a camel.
5. I’m an only child.
6. I can type about 80 wpm.
7. I misspelled hospital in my third grade spelling bee, but spelt silhouette right.
8. I played linebacker in high school flag football.
9. I got a job at Hollister in high school because I compared life to a salad.
10. My dream is to own a dog and a horse.
11. If I could volunteer for the rest of my life I would be content.
12. I’ve visited 4 continents.
13. I’ve never missed an episode of Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars.
14. I plan to visit every US State in my lifetime.
15. I’m a bookworm and I always have a book on hand.
16. I frequent Target about 3x a week.
17. My hair is the only thing in this world that gives me anxiety.
18. I’m a lefty.
19. I can still fit into kid’s shoes, which is a gift and a curse.
20. My nails are always painted.
21. I miss the old Disney Channel. (Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire, Brink etc.)
22. I’m severely afraid of frogs.
23. I have an obsession with plaid and penguins.
24. My favorite ride at carnivals are the swings.
25. I’ve been to Disney over 50 times.