Thursday, March 8, 2012

breakfast at tiffanys

Turquoise and Caicos by Essie has always been one of my go to nail colors. It comes off as a deep Tiffany teal, but photographs much brighter with the flash on. Takes about three coats and is definitely a must for spring!


  1. Oh my this color is fabulous, I gotta see where I can pick that up by me.

    xx Missy

  2. Definitely! I can never stop looking at my nails whenever I put it on!

    Awesome blog! Currently following :)

    - Lexi

  3. The colour of this nail varnish is amazing!! love it!

    Diana xxx

  4. I looove this color and also I love your blog design!!
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    have a nice day!

  5. I love this colour, really want to try a essie varnish!

    I followed your blog, please follow mine back

  6. Thank you Diana! :)

    Gabriele thank you so much! I've been working on getting this blog going finally so that means a lot!

    Natalie you must try essie! One of my absolute favorites!

    Following all!

  7. Such a gorgeous colour
    I am a new follower, check out my blog and follow back?

  8. Every time I go by the Essie color stand, this shade is sold out... literally everywhere! I just cannot get my hands on it! I have Revlon's Minted from last year, but it's just has a little too much green undertones for my liking. Now this one is just gorgeous!

    I am also just recently started my blog and know how much work it takes. Just want to you and fellow bloggers lots of luck and support! It really is fun, isn't it? :)

  9. That is the same way with Essie's Mint Candy Apple; a little bit lighter mint shade than this one! I haven't tried Minted, but I'll take your word for it!

    Thank you so much & the same to you as well! Currently following! :)

  10. Cool Nail Polish very pretty Color
    Hope You Stop By & Follow me 2 !!!!

  11. Bright and colourful, definitely perfect for sunny days :) I haven't tried Essie polishes but they have really nice shades.

  12. So true! You must try some if you can get your hands on them! =) definitely worth it!

  13. This nailpolish is really awesome! I love this colour it my favourit at the moment:)

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

    1. It's my year long favorite! =) will do!